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FAQS.Video Copyright

Video Copyright

Q1.Does Fitness Nook’s Video Database Infringe Copyright?

No, because all videos in the Fitness Nook’s video database are YouTube videos with embedded function turned on by the copyright owner. By enabling this function, video owners already gave permission for others to share their videos.

Q2.How Does Fitness Nook Support Original Video Providers?

We indicate clearly on the fitness video interface page who the original content providers are, and encourage users to visit and check out their YouTube channels. In addition, the web traffic for the video from users visiting Fitness Nook’s database will also benefit the original content provider.

Q3.How Can I Find the Original Video Content Provider/Copyright Owners from Your Website?

In the fitness video interface page, original content providers listed with a hyperlink under each embedded video. You can simply click on the link to visit the content providers’ YouTube homepage.

Q4.What Is the Core Service that Fitness Nook Provide with Its Video Database?

There are two main services that Fitness Nook provides with its video database. First, all fitness videos are sorted and categorized by its required equipment, type of exercise, intensity, impact, target body parts and fitness goals. Users can simply filter videos in a way that they cannot using YouTube search functions. Second, the filtering interface is also available in Chinese, which helps these fitness videos to reach a wider audience.