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Q1.How much does a myNook cost?

The cost of myNook will vary depends on your needs. The lowest myNook package is equivalent to 6-9 months of a typical gym membership fee, which is about 9000 TWD.

Q2.Why are aerobic machines, e.g. treadmills, ellipticals, stair masters, stationary bicycles, rowing machines…etc. not a part of myNook?

While large size aerobic machines are great pieces of exercise equipment and certainly have their places in a gym, we believe they are not the ideal choices for home fitness. This is because these machines tend to take up a large amount of space, are expensive, and only offers 1 type of exercises. With the flexible myNook equipment and fitness program, one can still achieve a great aerobic workout without such an expensive investment.

Q3.Why is myNook relatively expensive compared to similar products on the market?

Each piece of myNook equipment is carefully selected based on its quality, functionality, and flexibility. Therefore, while the price might seem higher at first glance, we believe myNook will provide a higher return of investment for home fitness enthusiasts.

Q4.What is the benefit of being part of the Fitness Nook community?