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Home Fitness

Q1.Must home fitness be done at home?

Not necessarily. In a broader sense, home fitness means "Fitness Anywhere". Therefore, some of the programs that we recommend under the "Fitness Resources" page include workouts that can be done outdoors as well as while traveling.

Q2.Is there a point to start home fitness if I already have a gym membership?

Absolutely. We believe home fitness can go hand in hand with exercising in a gym, sports, and outdoor activities. If your gym membership limits how many times you can go per week or is pay per use, adding home fitness to your exercise routine is a great way to save on fitness cost. Home fitness is also a great way to train to improve your sports performance or a replacement for outdoor activities when the weather is bad.

Q3.I am a total beginner. Can I still do home fitness?

For sure! Home fitness is a great way to start your fitness journey with minimal upfront investment. You can also enjoy an environment with greater privacy compared to working out at the gym. We do recommend, however, that you seek a doctor's clearance for performing exercises, and familiarize yourself with fundamental fitness knowledge provided on our "Fitness Resources" page.

Q4.I am already a very athletic individual. Can home fitness satisfy me?

Definitely. With the right equipment designed to improve your performance, you will still feel challenged at home. You can also pair up home fitness with your training routine at a professional facility to save money and cost.

Q5.How much space is required to do home fitness?

The minimum recommended space requirement is 4’ x 7’. Of course, if you have a bigger space, you will have more choices for different exercises.

Q6.Will the neighbors complain? You know, about the noise of jumping up and down?

Many factors determine whether your neighbors will complain. Typically, the most important factors are the type of exercises that you do, the type of flooring you have, and of course, how tolerant your neighbors are. Under the "Modification for Equipment Availability" page, we have dedicated an entire section for this issue.

Q7.How can I make home fitness more fun?

Invite friends to start your fitness journey with you. Fitness Nook’s member portal is a great way to connect you with not only your friends, but also other home fitness enthusiasts.

Q8.I really want to start my fitness journey right away, what can I do now?

Fitness Nook offers challenges and activities on a regular basis to its members. You can participate in these events for free. In addition, you will also receive a complementary no equipment exercise program when you purchase a myNook. You will not need to wait for myNook to start having fun.